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Sweet Christmas Romance Anthology!

Nine authors and nine sweet romances for you! This heart-warming collection is filled with bold heroes, spirited heroines and swoon-worthy kisses. Grab it quick because it will be gone after the holiday!.

New Spicetown Release!

In Book 7 of the Spicetown Mystery Series, a murder right before election day might decide the vote!

New Release of Bundled Set!

The Spicetown Mystery Series is now available in bundled box sets for those of you in Kindle Unlimited and others who like to binge read a series. Books 1-3 and 4-6 have been released.


Knight Events

A sweet small town Ohio romance

Be careful what you wish for ~ It might just come true!

Jackie Knight had a vision of her perfect man.  She wanted a successful entrepreneur, just like she was.  She wanted a tall attractive endlessly fashionable man to match her height and fashion sense.  She wanted them to be the power couple that every woman envied.

Jackie knew her wish was coming true when she met Erik Mackey.  He was a man that fit snugly into every category on her list.  They might just be the perfect match ~ Or they might not.



Next in the Spicetown Mystery Series:

Cons & Quinces

It’s still early for too many details, but I can tell you that Spicetown is opening a Farmer’s Market this spring and Mayor Cora Mae Bingham is so excited to be able to buy fresh produce in town. 


Police Chief Conrad Harris sees it as something else to police and knows that new people and vendors can invite trouble.  Cora just wants some quince jelly for her ham glaze!


Scheduled for release in spring 2021, we’ll see what trouble comes to Spicetown, Ohio!


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