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Last in the Spicetown Mystery Series!

Book 9 in the Spicetown Mystery Series, Silent Night Dynamite, is available now!

Canine Officer Briscoe helps find a missing photographer, but the developments turn dark when the police probe into her marriage. Only the dark room offers some light on the situation.

A Spicetown Spin-Off!

Grace Keslar, a wealthy eccentric widow living near Spicetown, Ohio, has opened a new business and invited customers to stay in her large home while they visit Spicetown

Her crazy-whiskered gray cat, Chauncey, (who may or may not be her late husband reincarnated) has done his part to interfere with the preparations and discourage the lodging arrangement. Now as guests begin to arrive, all he can do is try to police the environment, alert the other household members to any wrongdoing detected, and find someone he can collaborate with while ridding the mansion of evil!.

Bundled Sets!

The Spicetown Mystery Series is now available in bundled box sets for those of you in Kindle Unlimited and others who like to binge read a series!


Knight Events

A Sweet Small Town Ohio Romance

Be careful what you wish for ~ It might just come true!

Jackie Knight had a vision of her perfect man.  She wanted a successful entrepreneur, just like she was.  She wanted a tall attractive endlessly fashionable man to match her height and fashion sense.  She wanted them to be the power couple that every woman envied.

Jackie knew her wish was coming true when she met Erik Mackey.  He was a man that fit snugly into every category on her list.  They might just be the perfect match ~ Or they might not.

The sequel to WILLOW WOOD

(A third book is planned for this series.)

Meet Chauncey Keslar!

Grace Keslar, an eccentric octogenarian living just outside of Spicetown, Ohio, has an unusual companion.

Learn more about Chauncey in the Keslar Mansion Mysteries!

Cat in Cahoots - eBook cover - Sheri Richey