The Eden Hall Series


Healing Eden - Vol. 3

Vincent Dane struggles to deal with past mistakes and misunderstandings in the hopes of healing old wounds.  For someone who didn't feel as though he had much of a past, what he did have he didn't feel he'd handled too well.  

An ambulance ride gives him another chance to right those wrongs and rescue his dreams.

ISBN/EAN13:  1434839540 / 9781434839541
Page Count:   322
Binding Type:  US Trade Paper
Trim Size:  5.25"x8"
Language:  English


“I was going to introduce you…”  Pete said pointing to the front of the rig.

“You don’t have to play hostess.  I can speak for myself,” Vincent said dismissively, as he waved Pete away.  He wasn’t in any mood for his silliness tonight.  He was stressed out enough.  His last run had died during transport which was breaking Vincent’s first rule.

When Pete headed to dispatch, Vincent walked up to the driver’s side door.  He couldn’t decide whether to just come right out and ask her if she could handle this, or whether to say hello casually as if he expected her to be okay with the situation.  He couldn’t be sure that Don or Pete hadn’t already called him by name.  It was possible she had already worked through it.

When he got to the door, however, he just stared at her and she stared back.  He knew instantly by the shocked expression that she hadn’t anticipated him, but he couldn’t speak at first.  This was the first time in the five years since she’d returned to Chicago that she had actually looked him in the eye or let him get this close to her.  He saw her all the time in Brogan’s Pub, a neighborhood bar.  He lived above the pub in the upstairs apartment with his buddy, Seth, who managed the place.  Carlee came in there regularly, and there were many instances when they had been at the same place or party at the same time, but Carlee stayed far away from him, never making eye contact.

He’d forgotten how it felt to swim around in those big espresso brown eyes and feel lightheaded.  He hadn’t realized what a favor she had done him by staying away from him all these years, because now he wanted to slide his hand under her hair and step closer.

Carlee pulled her gaze away and looked at the steering wheel.  “Are you Pete’s partner?”  She wanted to run back to her car.  She wanted to make this all go away and tell Mark she couldn’t do this, but Vincent was blocking her exit from the cab.

“Yeah, I am,” Vincent said apologetically.  Instead of angry, she looked miserable and he felt guilty even though he hadn’t orchestrated this arrangement.  “Are you going to be able to do this?”

She had no idea.  “Are you?”  Carlee said, looking up at him.

“Sure.  I don’t have any problem with it.”  Vincent wasn’t the one with the problem and he wanted a chance to heal the wounds he’d caused many years ago.

Trapped, she thought.  I’m trapped again.  She wasn’t sure when she’d turned that corner to cause all her choices to be taken from her, but she was going to have to find her way back.  She swung her legs around to move him back so she could get out.  “Well, tell me what you want me to do.  Don tells me that you’re the boss of me tonight,” she said, as she jumped out of the seat.

Vincent saw the anger was back.  He didn’t enjoy it but at least he was used to it.  “You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.  You can just ride,” he said, as he turned to walk around the rig.  “Maybe that would be best.”